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Since its establishment by the Hungarian Energy Office in late 2008 the Energy Arbitration Court has been satisfying an ever-growing demand for the resolution of legal disputes arising between players of the energy industry in Hungary. Rapid development of the energy market and the accelerating changes of the regulatory environment have led to an increasing number of disputes.

The expeditious, professional, sound and credible resolution of these disputes require knowledge, expertise and skills focused on the energy sector. Parties seek efficient management of their case, and this objective is best served by an institution that offers the services of professionals equally prepared to deal with matters of industry and law.

The Arbitration Court is an independent arbitration institution seated in Budapest, Hungary. Its jurisdiction rests on grounds set by the Arbitration Act and industry specific pieces of legislation (Acts on Electricity and Natural Gas Supply).

The Arbitration Court has powers to resolve legal disputes arising from contracts between various licence holders active on the energy markets; more precisely, those entities that run their businesses on fields regulated in the foregoing Acts (electricity and natural gas supply).

The Arbitration Court has a Panel of Arbitrators; members are appointed by the Chairman of the Hungarian Energy Office upon the proposal of the Board of the Court for a definite period of time. The listed arbitrators are highly qualified in law and the relevant energy industry fields, and are members and active arbitrators of many reputable arbitration institutions.

The Board directs the management and operations of the Arbitration Court, and daily matters are dealt with by the Secretariat. As is customary in the world of arbitration, the jurisdiction of the Arbitration Court is agreed in standard arbitration clauses, it runs its  proceedings under a set of procedural rules that is largely in conformity with the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules. The awards are enforceable in Hungary and, through the New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards, outside of Hungary.

In early 2015 the Arbitration Court expanded its powers to deal with international disputes and to conduct international arbitration proceedings.


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